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If you are getting married, you NEED to visit Reflections. They were super helpful, nothing was too much trouble and they helped me find my perfect dress on my first visit! The seamstress was a pure delight, and she put all my fears to rest immediately. Even though my dress was complicated to alter, she did a perfect job, and didn't cost the earth. They made the while experience easy and pain free.

Marie-Louise Banks

I found my perfect wedding dress at Reflections. The team were amazing and made me feel so special. We went back and found our perfect bridesmaid dresses. Again service was fantastic. Would recommend Reflections to all.

Danielle McCullough

Fabulous experience here with the ladies here. Got my dress, have tried on 3 times and made to feel like a princess. Super happy here.

Nicola South

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Ultimate Guide For Belfast Wedding Dresses 2020-21

The Wedding Dress Styles That You Can Choose From.

Ball Gown.

Ball gowns are renowned by many brides since they are a classic option that never seems to go out of fashion in the wedding world. Its upper part fits similarly to a corset, and its lower part is a bulging full skirt. If you are a sucker for traditional weddings, it is the ideal dress for you. Also, it gives the bride a princess feel because of its fitting from top to bottom. The ball gown can be worn by all brides, no matter their body shape and height. It enhances the waist of the bride by making it look tinier.


It is also known as the mermaid dress because it is shaped like the tail of a fish. If you are a bold bride-to-be who is confident in who they are, this is the dress for you. You need to know that the fishtail dress is fantastic on ladies with hourglass figures. That way, they flow with your body, thereby focusing attention on it unapologetically. This head-turner brings out the feminine in you, not to mention makes you look very sexy, for it enhances your curves and figure. If you want the subtle version, you can go for the trumpet variation whose flare is higher.

Make The Most Out Of Your Salon Visits.

Most, if not all, of these salons, are usually visited only when the bride-to-be has booked an appointment in advance. There is no way that you can turn up without being given a slot. Ensure that you book two appointments at most in a day; do not overdo. You might break down in the process hence ensure that you also take a break between the two appointments and maybe have lunch. Be open-minded to fitting in several dresses although you know what you are looking for. You may end up loving a gown that you had no business in loving and say yes to it. Do not change into different gowns without observing the various aspects that you like and dislike in them; hence, take your time. It won't hurt anybody anyway. You can even go ahead and practise with them: move around, sit and even dance. Go with somebody you are closest to so that they can also capture how you look by taking videos and pictures. That way, you can always go back and pick the one you fell for if you find nothing that surpasses it.

Do Final Touches When You Find The One.

What is a bridal gown without accessories and a veil? Although veils are for traditional weddings, some brides still obsess and cannot get over them. This is because they complement the dress. Today, brides wear tiaras, flowers, headbands, feathers, pins and fascinators alongside many others in place of a veil. Not every bride's eyes light up when they see veils; some find them very dull and outdated because their mothers and grandmothers wore them. If you are one to break the monotony you can, it is your day anyway! You must pair up the ultimate dress with the accessories, veil or alternative veil and let the individual responsible for tacking your train tag along to the last fitting. It would be best if you actualised the whole fit so that you can change or make adjustments. You can also request your tailor to sew your strapless bra into the gown if you feel like the in-built bra is not it for you. Being comfortable is vital on your wedding day; you would not want to be spotted raising the dress' bodice now and then. It won't be charming!

The above points show the Belfast wedding dress guide for 2020-21. Ensure that you look perfect on that day because it is one of the most incredible days. Furthermore, not everyone gets to see it; therefore, there is nothing like overdoing on such a fantastic day; do it like it is your last day alive.


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